Who is CPG optics?

CPG optics founded in 1990, and over 20 years experiences performance in the optical industry, we served different market already: Medical, Laser, Military, Image sciences etc.

CPG now has 200+ employees, and the modern management team cares each person in our CPG family, as well as care about our precious customers.

What kind of advantages can customers expect from CPG?

With our experienced teams, stable quality, and fast delivery had stamped in CPG’s operation. “Know how” is another point of view emphasis is, we already helped a lot of customer to do the cross-board fabrication. Creative mind is the initial power of our unique technologies. Surely it will help our customer win more.

What are CPG's key products?

Over 20 years manufacturing experiences in the photonics industry, unique technology applied in our production line, you get not only cost savings but with a more professional communications. CPG manufacture precision optical components as well as laser crystal components and coating materials, we produce windows, prism, spheres as well as aspheres, customize shaped products and coatings.

  • Prisms
  • Windows
  • Spheres and Aspheres
  • Laser series optical components and crystals
  • Coatings and Coating materials
  • High accuracy Optical parts

And various materials is available, such as different Optical Glasses, IR materials etc.

What is your Return policy?

CPG optics surely does inspection according to standard: ANSI-ASQ_Z1.4-2003. Our goal is to provide the products completely meet the requirement of the drawing or confirmed qualities, and be a wonderful of your purchasing job.

If you are not completely satisfied with the purchasing process, please feel free to contact us at support@cpgoptics.com or give us a call, we will be help you to re-tested all the products, and replace the parts if you want.

By the way, all the CPG products have a 30-day risk free warranty, if any of our products does not meet the specifications, just return them back and you will receive a full refund.

Does CPG Optics have a catalog?

Most of our products are custom made, and we are trying to do some off the shelf sales in different time, please pay more attention of our website announcement.

What is your typical lead-time?

It varies from 2 weeks to 6 weeks.

It depends on the precision level of the part you purchased, and we provide the estimated lead-time during the RFQ stage, and order confirmation stages.

It also depends on the nature of the order in terms of process of tooling set up. Usually for new orders, standard lead-time is about 4-6 weeks. For repeated orders, the lead-time can be sharply reduced to 2 weeks.

The actual lead-time can be negotiated at the time of order. Also urgent operations are available, please feel free to confirm with our sales team anytime you want.

Where can I send RFQ?

If you have any parts that need quotation, please email us at sales@cpgoptics.com or your local contact, we will process you RFQs immediately.