Educational Spectrometer System

Educational Spectrometer System:

  • Designed for Educational, Demonstration, and Classroom Use
  • Includes Extensive Manual for Easy Assembly and Use
  • Choose from Educational Kits Containing Imperial or Metric Components

CPG offers two spectrometer lab kits for educational use.

The basic educational kit includes the components to build a grating-based spectrometer, while the advanced version contains components to build both a grating- and dispersing prism-based spectrometer.

The advanced educational kit is offered in both an imperial and metric version. Although grating- and prism-based spectrometers can both be used to observe the spectra of various light sources, they function using very different physical principles. The grating spectrometer provides insights into interference and the wave nature of light, while the prism spectrometer provides the opportunity to study various ray optics concepts, such as an optical material's index of refraction and dispersion.