Educational Fourier Optics System

Educational Fourier Optics System:

  • Designed for Educational, Demonstration, and Classroom Use
  • Complete Photonics Kit Includes All Hardware and Tools (Computer Not Included)
  • Includes Extensive Manual for Easy Assembly and Use
  • Choose from Educational Kits Containing Imperial or Metric Components

In an imaging system, such as a microscope, image formation can be understood as the interference of light diffracted by the sample and collected by the objective lens. The Fourier transform of the object is projected onto the back focal plane of the lens, otherwise known as the Fourier plane, a fact not described by simple geometric optics. The image of the object, which is formed by a second lens, can be altered in a variety of ways by manipulating the pattern in the Fourier plane.

The study of Fourier optics allows clients to enhance their understanding of Fourier transforms and image formation.

In this kit, an etched, chrome-on-glass target with fourteen different patterns serves as the object. A beamsplitter and lens project the pattern from the Fourier plane onto a screen for direct viewing. Students alter the patterns in the Fourier plane using a chrome-on-glass mask, rotating slit, or iris. The extensive manual provides mathematical and theoretical background material as well as many exercises for students to demonstrate the various optical effects that can be achieved with Fourier Optics.