Grating & Coder & Modulators Series

Incremental circular grating, absolute coder and modulator have been widely used in the field of photoelectric translating systems, including angle displacement sensors and line displacement sensors. They can reach a 0.2arcsec angle precision and a +/-0.2μm length precision.

CPG has overcome the unstable error caused by laser length measuring and reached a precision accuracy of 0.1μm during processing high-precision gratings, such as the variable-transmission MTF sinusoidal grating, the variable-frequency OTF optical transfer function grating, and the novel wavelength gratings which use the wavelengths of Helium and Neon as their raster unit.

Many kinds of single loop absolute coders that CPG has been widely used in total station and electronic theodolite systems, which not only replace the old existing products but also upgrade the technology to a new height.