High Accuracy

CPG offer very high end windows. We have developed a test method to guarantee the surface flatness and surface quality.

All the high accuracy windows from CPG optics were used as standard test plate or in astronomy, we are very proud to tell and provide the fabricating service for the customers.

  • Materials: Schott BK7/Fused Silica/ Zerodur etc.
  • Diameter range: 1-1500mm
  • Dimension tolerance: +/0.05mm
  • Thickness tolerance: +/-0.05
  • Parallelism: < 2"(may change for different types)
  • Surface quality: 10/5(may change for different types)
  • Coating: Upon request

Super Polish

CPG optics provide a super polish product, aimed to help our customer to win more in the market, we developed this kind of cross-border fabricating method. It combined with a different process from different industries. Of cause CPG also followed our customers.

Super polish also means for the RMS(Ra) control of the surface quality, we could control the RMS to 1 angstrom, we are very pleased to help our valued customer to process the mass production of the products.

Our super polish windows now is widely used in Mirau interferometers, and for 635nm high energy laser application, our products showing a more stable and long working times.

  • Materials: Schott BK7/Fused Silica
  • RMS: 4A/1A
  • Surface quality: 10/5
  • Surface flatness: 1/10 Lambda
  • Parallelism: <3"
  • Coatings: Upon request


CPG optics provide the windows with dimensions from Dia0.2mm to 15000mm, we have different fabricating method for different application.

In optical system, windows is used the separate the environment between outside and inside of the systems, and the key specs is do not change the polarizations and wave front status of the light input the system, so different material and surface flatness choices is a must to consider.

Materials: BK7/Fused Silica/MgF2/CaF2/BaF2/color glass/Germanium/Silicon etc.

Typical Specification

Param NameParam Value
MaterialOptical Glass
Irregularity (fringe)l/10
> 85%
Parallelism1 arc min
Surface Quality10-5 scratch and dig
Wavefront Distortion1/10 per 25mm