CPG produces an extremely broad range of high reflector products, with a particular competency around precision components that combine low scatter and very high reflectivity. We use state-of-the-art superpolishing technology to fabricate flat, spherical and even cylindrical mirrors.

Our extensive array of metrology instrumentation enables us to measure and verify virtually all aspects of mirror performance, including reflectance, polarization characteristics, retardance, surface figure, surface roughness, absorption, laser damage threshold, plasma durability and even cavity ringdown time.

Low Loss Mirrors

CPG provides the broadest range of low loss mirrors. Manufactured with our state-of-the-art IBS coating and superpolishing technology, these mirrors guarantee the lowest possible losses. The micro-roughness of these mirrors is < 0.8 Å delivering reflectivities > 99.998% at any wavelength in the 450 nm to 2 μm range.

High Energy Laser Mirrors

CPG's proprietary superpolishing fabrication and precision IBS coatings provide very low surface scatter, resulting in very highly reflective and enviromentally stable high energy laser mirrors. Reflectivity levels can be above 99.999% and scatter and absorption below 1 ppm at certain wavelengths. These high engery laser mirrors are available with plano or curved surfaces and can be customized for either CW or pulsed laser sytems.

Broadband Dielectric Mirrors

CPG broadband dielectric mirrors combine low scatter and high reflectivity across any customized broad wavelength range. We deposit these mirror coatings on flat, spherical and even cylindrical substrates.

Ultrafast Laser Mirrors

CPG offers precision optical mirrors with high reflectivity (>99.7%) from 650 nm to 1100 nm manufactured with our ion beam sputtering (IBS) technology. Careful control of coating layer thickness allow us to reliably meet performance specifications for group delay dispersion (GDD) and third order dispersion (TOD).

Graded Reflectivity Mirrors

CPG produces graded reflectivity mirrors that enable precise spatial shaping of both the intensity and phase characteristics of laser beams. Our unique scalable technology accomplishes this due to the reflectivity and/or phase effects of the coating vary radially across the surface of the optic. CPG can produce these mirrors with virtually any arbitrary variation, including non-rotationally symmetric patterns, as well as with complex designs in which the reflectivity increases and decreases repeatedly across the component.

These mirrors include:

  • Graded Reflectivity Mirrors or GRM
  • Gaussian Mirrors
  • Variable Reflecting Mirrors or VRM
  • Super-Gaussian Mirrors
  • Bessel Mirrors
  • Parabel Mirrors