CPG utilizes single point diamond turning technology to produce aspheres, off-axis aspheres and toroidal mirrors for the infrared. Available in sizes up to 12 inches (300mm), these rotationally or non-rotationally symmetric aluminum or copper mirror substrates can be coated with metallic or dielectric reflective coatings. CPG’s state of the art testing and fabrication protocols ensure extremely accurate figure (surface form) for these precision optical components, with sag deviation accuracies as low as ½ fringe.

Parabolic Mirrors

CPG provides a range of diamond point turned, apsheric mirors suitable for a varitey of demanding infrared imaging applications. These mirrors can be produced in sizes up to 12 inches (300 mm), with virtually any aspheric profile including both rotationally and non-rotationally symmetric, such as cylindrically aspheric and toroidal cruves, as well as off-axis parabolas. They are fabricated from either aluminum or copper substrates.

CO2 Mirrors

Copper reflectors are ideal for beam delivery and beam shaping with high power CO2 lasers. In particular, these mirrors offer a combination of high reflectivity, >99.7% at 10.6 μm, excellent surface quality (40-20) and low scatter with surface roughness <50Å. Produced from OFHC (oxygen free, high thermal conductivity) copper, these reflectors deliver superior optical performance and maximum laser damage threshold. These CO2 laser mirrors can be fabricated with plano, spherical or cylindrical surfaces and can range from 6 mm to 150 mm in size.

Cylindrical Mirrors

High precision cylindrical mirrors are fabricated from aluminum and copper. Our Diamond Turned mirrors are combined with either a metallic or dielectric coating process.

Galvo Mirrors

Fused Silica and Silicon Substates with either metallic, consisting of Aluminum, Gold, or Silver and dielectric coatings are available.