CPG fabricates a wide array of beamsplitters in plate and cube configurations. We utilize our own adhesive-free Activated Covalent Bonding (ACB) technology to produce highly robust assemblies which demonstrate superior wavefront performance and high laser damage resistance. With consistent performance over a broad wavelength range, CPG’s beamsplitters provide a unique solution for your most demanding infrared applications.

Cube Beamsplitters - IR

CPG offers cubes with a mix of narrow or broad bandwidth operation throughout the IR. These precision cubes provide high laser damage threshold, high transmission ( >95% ) and high extinction ratios ( >100,000:1 ). Custom cubes utilizing our proprietary adhesive free bonding technique are available in the 1 mm to 75 mm size range with LDT that is only limited by the bulk material.

Plate Polarizers

Plate polarizers for the infrared requires careful control of all aspects of component fabrication, from polishing through coating for exceptional extinction ratio and ultra-low loss and superior wavefront performance and high laser damage resistance.

Dichroic Beamsplitters

Dichroic Beamsplitters for the infrared divide or combine either spectrally or as a funtion of transmission. Our surface finishing, coating processes and metrology ensure your component will meet all system requirments.

Non-polarizing Beamsplitters

CPG IR non-polarizing beamsplitters deliver broadband, polarization insensitive operation and exceptional path length matching for the reflected and transmitted beams. This consistently delivers the transmission and channel isolation characteristics needed for your application.