Asphere Lenses

CPG utilizes diamond point turning for high accuracy aspheric and toroidal lenses. Carefully controlled, leading-edge process technologies and metrology techniques, including interferometry and profilometry, results in consistent high laser damage threshold lenses that are suitable for demanding applications.

These CaF2, ZnSe and ZnS aspheric lenses are intended for demanding applications that require broadband or multispectral operation from the visible through the infrared, such as military rangefinding and target designation.

They offer a unique combination of benefits including high surface accuracy to achieve small focused spot sizes and low surface roughness for minimal scatter and loss.

They also feature sophisticated, multi-layer thin film coatings that deliver multispectral performance, high laser damage threshold, and are produced with a densified structure to yield exceptional environmental stability.

And because these advantages can be maintained even with unusually thin lens profiles, these aspheres can deliver important weight advantages for man portable, field and airborne applications.