New Products-Ceramic parts

Ceramic Reflector

The ceramic reflector was prepared using 99% Al2O3. The surface of the reflector is coated with a high reflectivity ceramic glaze process. Compared with the gold-plated reflector, the biggest advantage is that its service life is extremely long and the reflection characteristic is diffuse reflection. At present, CPG can provide reflector for laser welding machine, laser cutting machine, laser medical and other light pump ceramic cavity. All products can also be customized according to laser design. Main features of CPG’s ceramic reflector

  • the surface of the glaze to achieve the maximum reflectivity and easy to clean
  • the wavelength of 600-1000nm reflectivity of 99%
  • in the 400-1200nm spectral range of reflectivity of more than 97%

Transfer ceramic sleeve (Fiber optic connector SC-LC adapter ceramic sleeve / fiber optic transfer ceramic sleeve)

  • SC-LC transfer;
  • Using of Japan's TOSOH zirconia powder;
  • With grinding processing technology, high dimensional accuracy;
  • Insertion loss: less than 0.3dB CPG OPTICS guarantees:
  • Accurate quality control
  • Fastest delivery
  • Conformity of Ceramic products from different batch
  • Attractive prices/free samples even

Note: All the products can be customized, or you can contact us for similar stock products.