Optical Components

Featured products:

Cornor cube

CPG invented the fabrication method for it, and now it is widely used in China.

Super polish

After a time of R&D, CPG now can proide the polished windows with RMS<4A for Schott BK7 materials

Laser Components

KTP crystals 

CPG owned over 200 ovens of the crystal grown, worth to try...


Beamsplitter Coatings

CPG optics provide low cost Beamsplitter coating for PBS or NPBS etc.

Custom Optics

CPG invested 10% of the profit to R&D, every year. That is why CPG always play a key role in China optics industry. So if you have some products need R&D, reverse engineering or prototype, you find the right cooperator to work with.

Laser Diode

CPG has her own coating materials fabricate in Beijing, we already served the world market such Japan, Europe and USA, please check more of our coating material production files and our samples.

Special Optics

As you know already, CPG invested more in R&D, an then we have a lot of multi-shaped products in productions, such as sphere with prism, spheres with aspheres, spheres with cylindrical etc.