CPG optics has over 20 years experiences in optics industry, we provide a variety of different material fabricating and coatings, and we always aimed to be a trustful supplier for all the customers.

Our in-house optical metrology capability ensures the all the requirements for the parts are within the specs:

ZYGO GPI 4’ interferometer
Spectrophotometer: Lambda 950
Optical Bench
Absolute goniometer
Wyko Optical Profiler
Universal measuring microscope
Taylor Hobson Profilometer
Moore SPDT machine

CPG is also an ISO: 9001&14001 certified manufacture, we deliver fast and provide best cost performance ratio for our customers.

CPG optics now has 4 branch in China, with total over 200 employees serving the whole supply chain.
Optical components: 120+ employees
Laser components: 40+ employees
Coating materials: 30+ employees
Management team: 30+ employees

CPG optics also help our customer do assembly job, we help to design or do optimize job, in order to save the time of the project management. We stand behind our products 100% and believe customer will satisfied by our professional service.

CPG markets: Consumer Products, Medical, Laser, Military (both local and overseas), Defense, Entertainment, Astronomical research etc.

We are the contract customer of CDGM and Schott material supplier; we helped a lot customer to find a best way of material equivalent considered the performances.

CPG cares more about the qualities as well as customer services, we are sure there will be win-win market for us.

contact us with sales@cpgoptics.com or support@cpgoptics.com