RA Prisms

CPG optics provide high precision Right Angle Prisms, usually worked for laser and medical application, the right angle prisms are typically used to bend image paths or for redirecting light at 90°.

  • UV/VIS/IR materials availiable
  • 1" devation of beam bending and retroreflection applications
  • Ddifferent sizes from 0.3 mm to 400 mm
  • AR and other customized coating design
  • Customized application sure availiable
Ra 1Ra2

Usually, Schott N-BK7 or Chinese equivalent materials are used in the range of visible and near IR light. Considered the UV light taking off, we also provide the corresponding materials such CaF2, MgF2, Fused Silica etc. and CPG also developed the IR right prism as well, they are now widely used in night vision, IR detection etc.

Usually we deposit the AR and HR coating on the hypotenuse surface, and customized shaped products will be available up request. We can also doing some cross –border shaped products, like we put a sphere surface in one the right angle surfaces. Please check more info the this kind of product in our labs’ page.

The main application of it is used as a retroreflector provided that the plane of incident beam includes the vertex.


Material BK7/Fused Silica/MgF2/CaF2/BaF2/Silicon/Ge
Dimension Tolerance +0.0, -0.05mm
Clear Aperture > 85%
Flatness 1/4 @632.8 nm(may change for different material choice)
Surface Quality 10-5 scratch and dig(will change for different sizes)