Beam Splitter

Beam Splitter is widely used in the image science, laser measurement industry etc. It is an optical device that splits a beam of light in two. In its most common form: cube, CPG provide a full solution of your needs. based on our precision quality control of the prisms and professional experiences in use of glue or optical contact methords, we helped our valued customer to overcome the market more than before.

Beamsplitter 1

With different material and different coatings, CPG optics can provie a range of products, such as: PBS, WBS, NWBS, NPBS, LWPBS, SWPBS etc. CPG optics also provide the services: design new, optimize or NRE exiting products etc. 

Still, we can use only one piece of coating windows to control the light. Usually we use an alluminium layer with with the thickness of the aluminium coating such that part, typically half, of light incident at a 45-degree angle is transmitted, and the remainder reflected. Beyond a metallic coating, we also apply a dielectric optical coating, in this way, we can help our customer to set up their laser systems etc. We also provide pellicle mirror for our photography customers.

CPG optics also provide different sizes of the beam splitter, we can handle 0.2mm to 200mm.

Materials we already used: optical glass, birefringent materials, even some plastics.

397px Wollaston Prism.Svg

Typical Specification

Material BK7, Fused Silica, Calcite, YVO4 etc.
Dimension 0.2mm-200mm
Flatness 1/4 @ 632.8 nm per 25mm or better
Extinction Ratio > 10000:1(may change with different materials)
Beam Deviation < 3 arc seconds
Principal Transmittance > 99.9% and Ts < 0.05%(may change with different materials)
Principal Reflectance Rs > 99.5% and Rp < 0.2%(may change with different materials)
Coatings Polarization beamsplitter coating on hypotenuse face, AR-coatings (R < 0.25%) on all input and output face.

Note: Special sizes, different split ratio and customized coating are avaliable upon request.