Ellipsoidal Lenses

Ellipsoidal Lenses2

Ellipsoidal Lenses are usually used as reflectors, usually CPG optics have two ways of fabricating the glass substrate:

1.Traditional polish
Such lens will be used in the image or laser systems to control the uniformity of the beam, then add condenser lens for higher performances, usually the coating layer deposited on the surface will help to gain more transmission or reflection, even partial functional result.

Ellipsoidal Lenses

CPG do not do molding by ourselves, but cooperated with a lot local company who professional doing this, we develop the mold and buy this mold from our molding supplier, and then send the mold to the molding factory. CPG has now over 10 years’ experiences of the quality control of the substrate, and then we apply coating on the lens, sometimes with the mount also.

Additionally, for plastic and mental lens, we will use SPDT machine or molding also, aimed to be a trustful supplier for our valued customer, we welcome our customer for authentication.

Ellipsoidal Lenses3