Ktp 2

KTP, short for Potassium Titanyl Phosphate, is widely used in SHG(second harmonic generating) of Nd-doped laser for green/red output. Is shows excellent nonlinear, electro-optical and acoustooptical properties.

CPG optics has 213 sets furnaces, and we could provide the super large size crystals as well for your special application.

KTP crystal is a standard with the parameters mostly used in extracavity configuration when the single pass through the crystal is required. By using extracavity KTP SHG, over 80% conversion efficiency and 700mJ green laser were obtained with a 900 mJ injection-seeded Q-switched Nd:YAG laser.

Another application for KTP crystals s the OPO/OPA, as a lot of research job was finished, it is quite popular for in this field, but for production, it requires a higher standard crystals quality as well. Why CPG optics developed the large size crystal grown, is now obviously.

CPG also cooperated with our China local research center for the quality confirmation from our production line set up in 2007. And we successfully won the local market as well as the international market. 

  • Large nonlinear optical coefficient
  • Wide angular bandwidth and small walk-off angle
  • Broad temperature and spectral bandwidth
  • High electro-optic coefficient and low dielectric constant
  • Large figure of merit
  • No hydroscopic, chemically and mechanically stable
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Moisture free
  • Minimum mismatch gradient
  • Low cost compare with BBO and LBO

KTP Specifications:

  • Transmitting wavefront distortion: less than l/4 @ 633 nm
  • Dimension tolerance: (W ± 0.1 mm) x (H ± 0.1 mm) x (L + 0.2 mm/-0.1mm)
  • Clear aperture: > 90% central area
  • Flatness: l/8 @ 633 nm
  • Scratch/Dig code: 10/5 to MIL-O-13830A
  • Parallelism: better than 20 arc seconds
  • Perpendicularity: 5 arc minutes
  • Angle tolerance: Dq < ±0.5°, Df < ± 0.5°
  • AR coating: R< 0.2% at 1064nm and R<1.0% at 532 nm.
  • Quality Warranty Period: one year under proper use.

CPG OPTICS offers:
  • KTP crystal size up to 100*100*90 mm 
  • Singleband and dualband AR and BBAR coatings
  • R&D of the new applications
  • Laser system design or OPO/OPA system design
  • Technical consulting

CPG OPTICS guarantees:
  • Accurate quality control
  • Fastest delivery
  • Conformity of KTP crystal from different batch
  • Attractive prices/free samples even

Standard Products (KTP)

Part Number Dimension Application Coating
KTP-223 2x2x3mm SHG@1064nm AR/HR coating
KTP-225 2x2x5mm SHG@1064nm AR/AR coating
KTP-335 3x3x5mm SHG@1064nm DBAR-coating
KTP3310 3x3x10mm SHG@1064nm DBAR-coating
KTP-4420 4x4x20mm OPO for 1064nm&1570nm AR coating
KTP-4425 4x4x25mm OPO for 1064nm&1570nm AR coating
KTP4410 4.25x4.25x10mm SHG@1064nm DBAR-coating
KTP4430 4.25x4.25x30mm OPO for 1064nm&1570nm AR coating
KTP-555 5x5x5mm SHG@1064nm DBAR-coating
KTP-5510 5x5x10mm SHG@1064nm DBAR-coating
KTP-5520 5x5x20mm OPO for 1064nm&1570nm AR coating
KTP-5525 5.5x5.5x25mm OPO for 1064nm&1570nm AR coating
KTP-6620 6x6x20mm OPO for 1064nm&1570nm AR coating
KTP-6625 6x6x25mm OPO for 1064nm&1570nm AR coating
KTP-6630 6x6x30mm OPO for 1064nm&1570nm AR coating
KTP-775 7x7x5mm SHG@1064nm DBAR-coating
KTP-7720 7x7x20mm OPO for 1064nm&1570nm AR coating
KTP-997 9x9x7mm SHG@1064nm DBAR-coating
KTP-9925 9x9x25.5mm(+0/-0.5, long) OPO for 1064nm&1570nm AR coating
KTP-101010 10x10x10mm SHG@1064nm DBAR-coating
KTP-101025 10x10x25.5mm(+0/-0.5, long) OPO for 1064nm&1570nm AR coating
KTP-121230 12x12x30mm OPO for 1064nm&1570nm AR coating