Laser Diode

Laser Diode

  • High Power Red HeNe Lasers

    We design and manufacture HeNe laser heads up to 35 mW in output power, in both randomly and linearly polarized configurations.

  • Frequency Stabilized HeNe Lasers

    Both intensity stabilized and frequency stabilized options are available, using the time-proven design and fabrication process. Laser tubes suitable for this application are also now supported.

  • Laser Heads

    HeNe Lasers with power levels from 1 to 10 mW in various configurations are our mainstay. Whether you need a standard Helium Neon laser design, or a legacy unit to retrofit an older design, we can help.

  • OEM HeNe Laser Tubes

    For OEM's accustomed to incorporating HeNe laser tubes into their own systems, we offer an extremely broad range of footprints, spot sizes and power levels.

  • Green HeNe Lasers

    The team who commercialized the 543nm green HeNe laser is part of Pacific Lasertec; including one of the original designers of these devices.

  • Brewster Window HeNe Lasers

    With only a few choices in the world for high quality, Brewster Window HeNe lasers, and even fewer producing high-q devices, we can consistently deliver unmatched performance and quality.