Coating Materials

Evaporation Materials

CPG optics start is coating materials in 2000, and now we had delivered our products to the world. Considered the environment protection and our technologies sources, we set up the manufacturing in Beijing city.

Beijing is also a research center of the coating materials and there are over 20 meetings held every year, CPG in one of the organizer too. We invited a lot of senior engineers from the world to communicate the material fabricating and market changes.

As we all know world famous coating material supplier Merc and Umicore, both of the company has its long history, they buying a lot in china, and for CPG, we proud to be their competitor and cooperator.

about CPG coating materials stament:

•ISO9001:2000 certificated.
•Qualified team members: 2 doctor-degree chief engineers,4 post graduates and 6 senior technicians.
•Reliable equipments and inspection instruments.
•Excellent purity and stable quality of products.
•Good co-operation with institutes and universities such as Tsinghua university ,Beijing General Research Institute for Nonferrous metals.
•Won customers from USA, France,Germany, Japan ,Russia and south Korea . 

Our Products catergory

•1.Fluoride: MgF2, CaF2, BaF2, LaF3, YF3, CeF3, Na2AiF6, YbF3, PrF3, NdF3 etc.
•2.Oxides: Al2O3, SiO, SiO2, TiO, TiO2, Ti2O3, Ti3O5, ZrO2, MgO, Ta2O5, CeO2, Y2O3, HfO2, Sc2O3, Nd2O3, Nb2O5, WO3, ZnO, Bi2O3, Sb2O3 etc.

•3.Mixtures: Al2O3/SiO2, ZrO2/TiO2, Ta2O5/ZrO2, Ta2O5/TiO2, Al2O3/ZrO2, ZrO2/Y2O3, In2O3/SnO2(ITO), AL2O3/MgO, SiO/Cr etc.
•4.Compounds: ZnS, GdS, ZnSe etc.
•5.Elementary substance: Si, Ge, Al, Cr etc.

about more of the CPG facility view and quality control pleae check more in our capability page Evaporation Materials Facility and Evaporation Materials QA