Sapphire lens

CPG already provide sapphire windows to our customers, with the typical specs below:

  • Diameter: 1-400mm
  • Surface Quality: 20/10 etc
  • Thickness: 0.5mm-100mm
  • Flatness: 1/2 lambda@633nm

And now we are trying to provide some sapphire lens with the laser or image procession specs.

As we all know, sapphire material is hard to fabricate, but its unique performances in some applications can’t be replaceable.

Like for the high temperature testing over 800 degree centigrade, if we use glass, then all the lens will be damaged due the low melting of the glass, but if we use sapphire lens, then nothing change in the high temperatures.

And sapphire is so stable in some acid or alkaline liquid. So we can use sapphire in the medical or industry environment.

Sciences we all know the widely usage of the sapphire materials, CPG not only provide optical sapphire windows, but we will provide the sapphire lens also.