Spherical Lenses

Spherical lens is widely used in all the optical systems. In some meanings, we could say, they are the basic parts of all the optical systems.

CPG start is sphere production from year 1995, and now had served a lot customer for their needs. CPG own over 4000 test plate, which is all the wealth we win for the last years except all our valued customers.

Typically, CPG not only provide singlet, but with cemented parts, like doublet triplet, the most complex parts CPG used to fabricate, is the 9 parts cemented together for one of our European customers.

CPG is the one of the few manufacture in China use the traditional way to polish the spheres, for this old method, polishing time is always a key cost of all the high end parts. Considered this, CPG invented some unique fabricating method to get more high efficiency works.

Dimensions CPG:

Dia0.3mm to Dia800mm


Optical glass/color glass/Ge/Silicon/ZnSe/zerodur etc.

Typical specs CPG serve:

Flatness: 1/10 lambda or 1/20 lambda
S/D: 0-0(best capability)
Coating: custom coatings

Standard CPG obey:

US Mil-O-13830A, MIL-O-13830B,MIL-G-675C,MIL-C-48497A etc.
ISO_10110, DIN3140, DIN¬6784 etc.