Prisms and Cubes

CPG starts her business from prims and cubes, and this kind of business is running so well, it is still the main business in CPG optics. Nearly cost 50% capabilities.

Prism And CubePrism And Cube 2

With over 2000+ angle tools, CPG now owns the largest angle tool base in China. As you may already know, CPG invented a lot of fabricating method, especially for the corner cube: CPG invented the fabricating method during the 90s, it shows more efficiency during the production, and then even with only few operators, you can still get a high volume production output. And nearly all the corner cube from the suppliers in china, use our technologies.

Improved Polishing Machine

After 10+ year’s development of the technologies, CPG now did optimize the fabricating machines, to get a higher efficiency job.

As we all know, for prisms application, coating is a kind of must, so With CPG’s coating technologies, CPG expanded the applications like: PBS, X-Cube, Projector Cube etc. after 20 years experiences, CPG successfully can handle over 20 different kind of glue for different applications.

Industries CPG mainly serve:

Medical/Laser/Mapping etc.

Material CPG successfully control:

Optical glass/color glass/CaF2/MgF2/BaF2/Ge/Silicon/ZnSe/zerodur etc.

Typical specs CPG handle:

Flatness: 1/20(best ability)
S/D: 0-0(may change for different materials)
Angle tolerances: <2”
Coating: customized

Testing machines:

Prism And Cube Testing 1Prism And Cube Testing 2

Prism And Cube 3Zygo 1