Optical Components Capability

CPG now have over 120 employees for optical component division:

We could provide 20,000pcs optical components every month in general.

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Materials CPG handle:

CDGM Glass, Schott Glass, Corning Fused Silica, Heraeus Glass, II-VI Germanium, Silicon, Zerodur, MgF2, CaF2, BaF2, Sapphire, ZnSe, GaAs, 

KTP, BBO, LBO, YVO4, YAG, Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4, BaTiO3, BGO, LiNbO3 etc.

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Every year, CPG will do R&D for new technology and new materials. Like the GGG laser crystal fabricating method, super polish parts with unique method, domes CPG did for some high end application etc.


CPG start her business in 1990 with the start business was just prisms and windows. After 23years accumulation, we did over 1000types of different size and requirement prisms already, and we are proud that the fabricating method is so widely used in china, after CPG invented.


CPG start providing the sphere from 1995, and now we have equipped with the ZYGO interferometer, auto-centering testing machine.

CPG not only know, how to make the spheres, but more know how.


CPG have three ways of doing aspheres, for glass materials: we can do traditional polishing; molding with polishing; 

For plastics: CPG do molding polishing and single point diamond turning.

For IR materials, CPG provide SPTD fabricating.


CPG now own 213 sets of KTP, LBO, BBO crystals growing, all the technologies are coming from the universities, and CPG set a scholar ship in the university for the R&D.

Coating materials:

CPG can provide 100tons materials every year, with our 32 workers’ team, we served both local and international market, as CPG can test her own material in factory, CPG always provide a standard materials, CPG helped a lot of customer to win the market.

With our modern metrology equipment, CPG will be surely you trustful cooperator. you can contact with us at: sales@cpgoptics.com