Evaporation Materials QA

CPG proceed the all the production of coating materials under ISO9001 control, in order to supply stable and trustful products, CPG set her own quality control steps even more strict than ISO.

QC chart:

Qc Chart

CPG also acquire the authentication from SGS, CTI etc. for a further qualification by the third parties. We control each steps during productions, our five step quality control helped CPG as an international coating materials supplier in the world: IQC, IPQC, PQC, FQC and OQC is our standard QA processes, and CPG also provide as long as 10 years QA for different standard materials.


Cooperated with CPG:

We recommend each customer to do small quantity test before develop deep cooperation with CPG, and better, during the communicating process, advise CPG you coating machine or application. CPG helped a lot of customer to buy different standard quality materials to save purchasing cost and get better performances of the right materials.

CPG in now working on some mixtures of the materials, you can contact us for more info at: sales@cpgoptics.com