Cylindrical Lens

CPG optics starts is own Cylindrical lens fabrication from year 2003. With now over 10 year’s experiences, she served a lot of customer from different industries. Like lighting, image sciences, aerospace, laser etc.

CPG also can design the cylinders according to the request. In CPG, we developed several different testing methods to secure the qualities. With our engineers know-how mind, we are surely can provide the products with sable qualities.

Dimensions CPG could control:

Dia0.5mm to Dia500mm (include the stripe joint shape)

Cylindrical LensCylindrical Lens 2

Materials CPG handle for cylindrical lens:

Optical glass/color glass/fused silica/Ge/Silicon/ZnSe etc.

Typical Spes:

Flatness: 1/4 Lambda
S/D: 20/10(or better)
Decenter: <3’
Coating: customized

Fabricating machines:

Cylindrical Polishing 1

Cylindrical Polishing 2

Testing machines:

WykoZygo 1

Cylindrical Testing 2Cylindrical Testing 1

Fabricating process technics introduction:

As we all know, during the polishing stage of the optical components fabricating, we need to make the contact surface rotating, then we could get a precision surfaces after this kind of step. It is all ok with the symmetry spheres, windows etc. because the trace of the polishing is uniform, and it is more easy to get a smooth surface with the error with 50nm. But for the cylindrical lens fabricating, the polishing machine was designed to do the polishing in two directions, and in fact the gridding between the surfaces is not uniform, then we can see the stripes on the surface. Some of them are small, even hard to find in our naked eye. But in the high resolution application, the defect will show out.

Cylindrical Striple 1Cylindrical Center 1

In CPG, our know-how engineer changed the trajectory of the polishing plate to get a uniform process on the polishing surface, in this way; we will get a more stable and uniform pressure on the contacting surface, and the flatness and defect will become controllable then, that is why CPG is so confident to say, she is a reliable supplier.
Even sometimes, the modern testing machines will become invalid for high end parts.