Company Overview


Year 1990, founded in Shanghai, With 5 workers specialize in providing prisms and windows.

Year 1995, expanded to 50 workers, and start providing spheres.

Year 1999, moved the factory to Liuhe, Shanghai.

Year 2000, expanded to 98 workers, and start producing the evaporation materials, like SiO2, MgF2, Ti3O5 etc.

Year 2001, considered the environment and relationship with the universities and government R&D center, moved the evaporation materials division to Beijing.

Year 2002, expanded to 123 workers, and aspheres in R&D process, prepare the KTP crystals grown, and invested advanced asphere fabricating machines.

Year 2003, CPG start her cylinders products and served the market well, aspheres also went to the market.

Year 2004, expanded to 151 workers, coating machine is online, CPG start providing filters and customized coatings.

Years 2006, expanded to 180 workers, invested 50 sets of KTP ovens and start the KTP crystal fabricating.

Year 2007, imported advanced SPDT machine to provide mental and plastic products.

Year 2008, moved the crystal division to Suzhou, and expanded to 120 ovens. CPG lens production and design is in business now.

Year 2010, expanded to 198 workers, and setup her own selling offices in US.

Year 2012, expanded to 217 workers, and prepares the changes in 2013.

Year 2013, re-optimized the whole company structure. new online order tracking system is under construction

Year 2014, new microscope product online

CPG story

CPG is the abbreviation of family name of our three founders; also we endue the three letters with fixed meanings:

  • “C” means COST, with CPG’s modern fabricating concept and machines, fused with the traditional fabricating method, we aim to provide reasonable prices with better quality and service. 
  • “P” means PRECISION, with CPG’s years’ experiences, and effective management strategies, we trace each single element in our production line, to 100% the quality of each steps, also with our modern test equipment, and each specs is measured.
  • “G” means services, we built the “Gain more” services, in CPG each customer will be valued for a more suitable and comfortable services, In CPG we not only provide best ratio for precision and cost, but more flexible and comfortable services.

CPG general division structure:

4 branches in China:

Optical components: 120+ employees
Laser components: 40+ employees
Coating materials: 30+ employees
Management team: 30+ employees

Products CPG provide:

  • Optical components
  • Laser crystal components
  • Coating materials
  • Coatings
  • Custom optics
  • Lens production and design

Wavelength range:

Near IR – 900nm-2.3um
Mid IR -3.0-5.0um
Far IR – 2.0-20.0um

Industries CPG served for:

Image sciences

Quality statement:

At CPG optics, we provide outstanding responsiveness and highest quality optical components, as well as customized services; CPG aimed to be a better partner of you purchasing or project management, all the products CPG provide will be tested upon your requirement, with our corresponding measuring equipment, you are surely have a trustful supplier in China. We are contract customer of the optical glass supplier such as CDGM , Schott etc. so fast delivery is guaranteed from the base.